EngageBay Pop-up Form

Engagebay Pop-up form is one of EngageBay's lead capturing system. From its name - "pop-up" this is a form that pop-ups or somehow superimpose itself over your site's page. It is a means to get the user to act on a "call to action". You can strategically create these forms to capture leads base on a condition deemed by you as a chance to get a user to convert. Example, they have visited your site x number of times already which shows their interest and you think that after x-number of times visit then the user is mature enough as a lead to convert. Or maybe a way to prevent a user from leaving without you trying to show other offers that might be interesting to him. Like when they visited your site and did not do anything but started to exit. You can then set a "pop-up offering something that may be of interest to the visitor.