EngageBay Landing Page

Generally, a landing page is a standalone page where a hyperlink gets you to when clicked by a user. These hyperlinks may be a Google AD, a Facebook AD, a Social media post, a link in a campaign email and other product promotion methods. A landing page is specially designed to discuss features of a specific product or service you are offering. This is made to make the product extra attractive and enhance conversion.

EngageBay Landing page feature is one of EngageBay's many lead/conversion capturing system. This is made with a builder where you can easily design landing pages without coding knowledge. If in case you are a developer, it also includes features where you can edit the code and even import external templates that you can use for your campaigns. This is made easy enough to use for ease of page creation, yet sophisticated enough to cater for your more advanced needs, This system can truly help out in the creation of highly effective Landing pages suitable for any campaign.

To learn more about Landing page, please visit EngageBay's "Ultimate Landing Page Guide"