Engagebay is an all-in-one Marketing and Sales software. A system that is used by a team. A team that has members with different functions based n their role and each role requires certain access only to perform their specific task. 

This article is a guide on how you can manage user access by configuring their access based on the user role.


1. Click n the "account image" on the upper right side of the screen then click on "Admin Settings" to proceed.


2. Make sure you are under "User" option found on the left corner. Once you are sure then click on "Manage Roles" button to proceed.


3. The next page will show you all the roles that are available within your system. You can edit their access by clicking on the triple-dot icon on the right side then choose Edit.


4. A pane will then open showing all the locations in Engagebay. The pane will allow you to grant or remove access by simply putting or not putting a check mark on each item. The access is Read, Create, Edit or Delete. Once you are done defining access on all location access then press "Submit" button below.


The access of that certain role you define is limited based on the access you granted it. These roles here are the roles you assign to a certain user and their access will be limited to the access defined to that role.