One feature of Engage Bay which is really helpful with online marketing is being able to monitor your social media accounts like Twitter through the platform.

You should be able to monitor tweets, dm's, etc.

1. On your dashboard, hover your mouse over the three dots(...) on the menu bar then click on "Social Suite".

2. To add the Twitter account that you would like to monitor, click on 'Add Network' button.

3. Select the 'Twitter' icon.

4. You will then be asked to authorize the app to access your account. Take note that the integration cannot see your Twitter email and password. So integration is definitely safe.

Take note that you should be logged in to your Twitter account with the same browser. Or it will ask you to manually log in to your Twitter account.

5. Once that is done, we will now add the Stream that you would like to monitor. Available streams are Home, Retweets, Sent, Mentions, DM's, etc.

6. You could add multiple accounts and stream that you could monitor through your Engage Bay dashboard.