Engagebay allows you to create automation on certain action done by a user and associate it with another action or a recurring event like including contact to a weekly email after signing up to a certain form. This article is created merely to illustrate the basics of setting up automation. More complex setup may be done with respect to a sales and marketing funnel to guide a customers journey.

1. Make sure that all the elements you need in the automation setup are already created. Like the landing pages, forms, sequences, list and the like.

2. Access automation by hovering your mouse over campaign option on the top menu then click "automations".


3. Click on "Create Automation".


4. Name automation then click "continue".


5. It will now take you to the page where you can construct a visual automation. Click on "Create Automations" then choose what action will start automation. In this article, we will choose the point when a user signs up to an inline form.


6. We will now choose which form to use, in this case, there is only one. If you have more than one available they will show under the dropdown list. Once you have chosen the form, then click "Add Event".


7. At this point, we can now see the starting point of automation. You can add 2 possible outcomes to this entry point. You can add it by clicking the plus icon. In this article, we are going to add a condition first to filter users coming from the United States".It will now show a block with 2 possible outcomes, a yes and a no

8. We will now create an action where the user will be included in a "sequence" if yes. We simply have to click on the add button, choose the action which is the "add to sequence". We then choose the sequence needed then click "add action".


9. We now see in the visual automation that the user is captured using a form. He then passes through a condition to check if the user is from the USA, if yes then the user is included in a sequence. This is just a sample. you can make the automation more complex.