Importing Email Templates to EngageBay from an external source

Professionally made HTML templates are not rare to any email campaign. EngageBay provides a wide range of option to internally make an email template but we also know that sometimes you have a preference that can't be met with any of the pre-made templates or pre-built blocks within the EngageBay platform. Knowing that reality in email Marketing, EngageBay allows you to import your own email template or an email template from an external source.  Just go about the simple process shown below.

1. Go to Templates>> then into "email templates" option>> then hit "create new" button.

2. Select "Code your own" tab>> then click on "Import HTML" option.

3. Click on the option to upload file>>choose the HTML template you need and hit open below.

4. You will now see the Template preview on the left and the code you can edit to customize the template on the right. You have to know HTML and CSS to be able to effectively edit the code of the template. Once you are done with all the changes needed, you can hit save on the upper right and your imported template is now ready to use.