There are situations when you will be able to gather contacts from other sources. Normally those contacts are inputted into a sheet, like an excel file or similar software. Just make sure that you save that file into a .csv format and that will enable you to import it within the Engagebay system.

This article will show you how yo import a , CSV file into the contacts of Engagebay.

1. Prepare your sheet and save the file into a ".csv format".


2. On your Engagebay dashboard. Hover your mouse over contacts tab on the top menu then click on "contacts"


3. On the "Contacts" page, please click on "import button" on the upper right side of the screen.


3. A popup will appear where you can select the file to upload then click the upload button.


4. It will now open a page where it will show you how the system matched the fields on your sheets to the fields present in the Engagebay system. The fields under "Column Heading" are the fields found in your .csv file/sheet. The fields under the "Field" column, are the fields within the Engagebay system. it is segregated into two parts. The "Columns with matches", are the fields that Engagebay was able to automatically pair with an existing field in the system. You can still change it to a field in engagebay which you think is more suited or you can leave it as is. The second part is the "Column Without Matches", these are the field(s) that Engagebay was not able to pair to an existing field in the system. You may choose to ignore it so that it will not be included, or you can manually choose a field in the engagebay. In this case, we manually paired "mobile number" from the sheet to "Phone" in the Engagebay system. Once you are done with all modifications please press the "import" button below.


5. You can now see the contacts you have imported from the .csv file.