Engagebay is an all-in-one sales and Marketing platform. But despite that, some data needed or function may be available on some other systems. That is where Zapier comes in. 

Zapier is a system that connects/integrate one app to another and automates data exchange.

We will show you how to use Zapier to connect Engagebay and Google Sheets. This will then automate the creation of contacts in Engagebay, with respect to the data available in google sheets.

Before you start doing anything, make sure you are logged in to your google account and Engagebay account using the same browser for ease of detection and integration.

1. Go to "Preferences" by clicking on your account image on the upper right-hand side of your screen and click on "Preferences".


2. On "Preferences page" click on "Integrations" option.


3. Click on "Enable" button to enable Zapier.


4. The system will show you several options on what application to Zap with Engagebay. Just scroll down and near the bottom choose the one that says "Send Google Sheets row updates to EngageBay to update or create contacts" then click on "Use this Zap" button.

5. The Zapier popup will appear, just click on "Create this Zap" button.

6. It will show you the settings that will be done on "Google Sheet". Just make sure the radio button is ticked then click "Continue" button below.

7. The next screen will show you a test button. Just click on it and it will show you "success" if Google Sheet had been detected properly then just click on the button "Save+Continue".

8. It will now detect the available "spreadsheet". Click on the "arrow down" icon to show options then choose your desired "spreadsheet".

9. Just go down a bit lower and click on "arrow down" button to show options for the worksheet and choose the correct worksheet.

10. Once done with the selections. Just click continue button below.

11. It will now let you choose from Samples, just select 1 and click "Continue" button below.

12. At this point, it will start configuring the Engagebay account side. make sure the radio button is ticked then click continue.

13. You will now have to choose an Engagebay account. If you don't have one setup please click "connect account" button.

14. It will now prompt you to enter your Engagebay username and password. Just enter the values needed and hit "yes continue" button.

15, You can now select the account you want. Just make sure its radio button is ticked and hit "save+continue" button.

16. It will not let you choose the fields manually so that the fields from the sheets and the engagebay fields will match. Be sure to click show advanced options so that you can match as much fields as possible.

17. Make sure you select all fields available to a matching field. Once you are done with the selections, just click continue button below.


18. It will now show you a sample. Just click on "send test to engagebay marketing" button.


19. Just click finish.


20. It is now set up!


21. You can now check your engagebay contact and you will see the test on it. and your Zapier Dashboard will show your active zap.