Engagebay Appointments system will allow you or your client to set up an appointment online base on the available slots and with respect to the predefined working hours.

Note: Before using the appointments system of Engagebay, be sure that you have properly set up the appointments slots and the appointment preferences.

1. On your sales platform, click on "Appointments" on the top menu.

2. On the appointments page, copy the link on the upper right side. If you will be the one to set up the appointment then simply open a browser and access that URL. If you want your client to choose the appointment slot he/she preferred then simply share the URL to your client.

3. On the appointments scheduler page. The user will be able to choose a slot type and a date. Once they chose the slot type and date they prefer, a pane will appear where they will be able to choose the time and fill out the form then they simply need to click on "Schedule appointment" button and the appointment will be set.

4. On your "Appointments page" go to "Events" option on the left and you will be able to see the appointment scheduled.