Engagebay is a highly efficient system that makes it really easy to recover deleted data as needed. It is organized by type which makes finding the data needed to be recovered easier.


This article will show you how to recover the data deleted. We will go through recovering a deleted "contact". But, other types of data can easily be recovered too, we are just using a contact for demo purposes.

1. Hover your mouse over the "three dots parallel icon" then choose trash and click it.



2. Click the "arrow pointing down" near the word Trash on the upper left side of the screen then choose the right data type you need to recover. In our case, we are choosing "Contacts"

3. Select the data you want to restore by putting a check mark on the checkbox of the data, then click restore on the upper right side.


4. The data is now restored and you will find it at the location where it is from. In this case, we now see it under contacts.