Rating a contact by putting an equivalent score to an action taken is the best way to gauge if a contact is already ready for further engagement on a certain campaign you have. Putting a score to a certain engagement may measure the level of interest of a certain contact to a certain service or product you have. Sending your campaign to an uninterested contact may cause you to lose a contact and your campaign tagged as a spam or worst reported to some Authority.

This article is made to show you how you can change the score of a certain engagement/action done by a user.

1. Click on your account image on the upper right of your screen then click on "Admin Settings".


2. On "Admin Settings" page click on "Score" option on the left. By default, it will show you all the pre-created action and scores which is defaulted to 5.


3. if you want to edit an existing score then just click on the 3 dot option on the right then click edit. It will show you the edit pane then just make all the changes you need and hit submit button below to apply changes.


4. If you want to add a new score with the new condition then click "add score" button. It will open the settings pane then just enter the name, equivalent score and the condition that needs to be met then hit submit button below and it will be added to the score.