An email sequence is a series of emails sent based on pre-set time intervals or trigger-based automation (or both).

In this article, we will show you how to create Email Sequences.

1. On the Engage Bay dashboard, hover your mouse over 'Campaign' tab and click on 'Sequences' under 'Run Marketing Campaigns'.



2. Click on the 'Create Sequence' button.

3. Name your sequence and work on your content under 'Content' sub-tab. You should be able to format your message/content to make it look better.


4. Under 'Settings' sub-tab, you can set the schedule as to when the sequence(s) will be sent(including time and timezone) and, setting exclusions if necessary. You can also set if it will be 'sent to a list' or a specific set of contacts defined by a 'filter' or both.


5. Press 'Save' button to finish Sequences setup.


Additional Info:

On your Sequences dashboard, it would show the statistics of each Sequences you enabled. It would show information such as the number of recipients, open rate, click rate, etc.