An Engagebay affiliate can earn 30 percent of whatever amount that their referral spends. If a referral signs up for the basic subscription and paid yearly. That will be $6.99 x 12 = $83.88 and your share will be $83.88 x 30% = $25.164. Anyway, if you have multiple referrals 30 percent of whatever they spend each time they make a payment is yours. So if they choose to pay monthly, then you have a 30% monthly recurring share.

This is what you need to do to become an affiliate:

1. You should have a paid engagebay account yourself. Any subscription will do. You can check subscription details here.

Pricing for yearly based payment:

Pricing for monthly based payment:


2. Once you are done signing up, log in to your account and go to Earn button on the upper right side.



3. On the Earn/Affiliate page under the overview tab, you will find your referral URL on the bottom of the page. You can promote it by using your social media accounts. Anyone who signs up using your referral link will become your referral and you will be entitled to earn 30 percent of any spending your referral made.


4. You can even promote using email campaign. You can use Email tab and compose a personalized email campaign and send emails to your contacts.


5. You can check all your referrals under the referral tab.


6. You can add your PayPal account under the profile tab so that you will be able to claim your earnings.