Engagebay got a standard set of fields that are available to be filled up when adding a contact manually. It asks for First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Phone Number and Country. These Fields are also the standard information available in storing a contact in the system whether the information is captured through a form, landing page or any other external source. Even if the form is asking for additional info, engagebay will not store it since there is no equivalent field to store the data into. It means that information of a contact is limited to those fields within the Engagebay system. You cannot expect to see additional information about a contact, other than the available fields. The image below shows the default data stored in the engagebay system.


There are times when specific information is needed to make your marketing campaign more effective. engagebay allows you to add the fields you needed.

This article aims to provide you with a guide on how you can add a field in the Engagebay system so that you can store that necessary data, based on your need.

1. Click on your "account image" located on the upper right side of your screen then click on "Admin Settings".


2. Choose the "Custom Fields" option on the left side of the screen, by clicking on it. 


3. Make sure the "Contact" tab is highlighted, if not click on it to be sure it is the one selected. Once you are sure that you are under "Contact" tab, please click "Add Custom Field".


4. It will now provide a pane where you can set up your field. It's good to play around with it to explore features. Anyway, it's very easy to use. In my case, I am adding "Gender" as a custom field and I am providing drop-down options for it, so I am using a list as type. I also provide the options on that list separated by commas(,). Once you are done with the configuration then click the "Submit" button.


5. You will now see the Field you created listed on the "Custom Fields" page. Once you go back to contacts. You will now see Gender as one of the standard fields listed.

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