EngageBay Ticketing System.

Engagebay ticketing system is a customer support features that allows you to provide full support to your users. The system allows you to communicate via email and mutually monitor the progress of each case

Tickets can be created in 2 ways. You can manually create it via the EngageBay system. This will then notify the user involved about the ticket creation and the progress relating to the issue behind the ticket creation. 

You can set the assignee, type, priority and the status when creating a ticket. It will then create a ticket after saving and it will show "Dashboard" as the source.

A ticket can be generated as well when a user sends an email to your support group. I will show "Email" as the source.

When editing a ticket, it will allow you to enter notes, edit type, priority, put tags and set assignee. You can then submit it with status.

The system allows you to create a ticket, set priority, monitor ticket progress base on the status and even provide an update to the customer whenever an action is done on the ticket.