EngageBay Ticket Views

EngageBay service platform Views tab is where the management and set-up/creation of ticket views is made. Views are saved filters to display ticket based on the condition set. It is made for easy access to the needed tickets.

There are default views created based on the usual need. We have Pending Tickets, All unsolved tickets, Recently updated tickets, New tickets in your group, unsolved tickets in your group, unassigned tickets, your unsolved tickets. You can also edit these option or delete some based on the need. 

To Create a ticket view, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to Views tab of the service platform and hit create.

2. Create a name for your view.

3. Click "Add Condition.

4. choose a condition then set a value then hit submit.

You now have a view created. You can see it listed under the view tab.

You can also start using it to sort tickets out under the tickets tab.