EngageBay Twitter streams

Engagebay Social Suite allows you to associate your Twitter account to EngageBay. This will enable you to monitor streams in segmented windows. This also allows you to engage post by clicking like, retweeting and even replying to post using EngageBay.

1. Home - allows you to monitor your Twitter home screen. You can see all the post that can be seen on the Twitter home screen. Basically, all the tweets that reach your account.

2. Retweet - You will be able to see all the retweets you made in this window.

3. Search - You can search people talking about a specific topic, just like when you are on Twitter. The advantage of this is the fact that you can search several keywords and view them in a separate stream. This can be useful in research or finding leads. Example, you can search Digital marketing in one stream and search CRM in another stream and simultaneously monitor both.

4. Sent - This will put all the actions you initiated on Twitter within one stream. it will show your tweets, the tweets you favorited, retweets you made, and even the comments you posted as a reply to a tweet.

5. Mentions - This will show all of the Tweets where you are mentioned.

6. Favorites - Will show all the Tweets you favorited in one stream window.