EngageBay Social Suite Channels and Streams

EngageBay Social suite is an efficient way to engage existing users and reach out to many people around the world.

EngageBay has 3 existing social channel. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, you need to make sure that you configure your Instagram account as business Instagram to successfully connect with EngageBay.

EngageBay Social Suite allows you to set up "Streams". Streams are an individual window where you can view certain information relating to your social account. Example, a stream for favorites in twitter - this window will only show all the tweets you favorited.

1. Twitter in EngageBay Social Suite can be set up with 6 types of streams in EngageBay. You can set Home, retweets, sent, mentions, favorites, and search.

2. EngageBay Social Suite allows you to choose between your personal Facebook account and Facebook page(if you have a page associated with your account). It can be configured with 4 types of streams - Timeline, Posts, Tags, and Events.

3. EngageBay Social Suite needs Instagram business to be set up to connect an Instagram account. You can configure this with "Post" stream.