EngageBay Service Platform Features

Engagebay service platform is a ticketing support system. This also allows you to directly engage with users with an issue via support groups using the email channel.

1. Service Dashboard - This is a page in the service platform where relevant service/ticketing metrics can be monitored. You can even manage how the report display can be viewed for effective tracking.

2. Tickets - A feature that allows you to create, manage and monitor tickets. Tickets can be manually created by initiating it using the platform which will then notify the customer via email that a ticket had been created. A ticket can also be initiated by an email sent by a customer directly to the support group email.

3. Views - A feature that allows you to create filters on how tickets can be viewed. This can help issue monitoring and tracking the progress of each ticket.

4. Service Automation - Automation that is triggered by service/ticketing events. However, the actions and conditions you can connect to complete the automation path can be marketing, sales or service based.

5. Macros - This is a manually triggered automation path for tickets or shall we say, automation without the trigger event to jumpstart the process. Say you have a standard procedure in dealing with certain issues. Instead of manually doing each step for a specific ticket. You can create the automation path using a Macro and manually determine a case if it fits a certain standard procedure. If it does, then you can execute a Macro on a ticket or a group of tickets manually classified as such.

6. Service Settings - A section where you can create and manage your support groups and also create and manage your canned responses.