Sales Platform Features

1. Companies - EngageBay allows you to manage your clients that are companies and attach multiple contacts to a specific company who is apart of that company. 

Company Details allows you to see specific activities, contacts, deals, tasks, emails, notes, and events specific to that company.

2. Deals - This is EngageBay pipeline system where you can create, manage and monitor deals as they go thru the pipeline you defined. It is made to be highly customizable and easily manageable. This can easily be connected to automation to make the processes and milestone progress automated.

3. Task - EngageBay allows you to create, manage and monitor all the tasks related to your business. Furthermore, it allows you to relate those tasks to specific contacts, company, and deals.

4. Automation - EngageBay platform allows you to create sales automation triggered by sales feature initiated events.

5. Calendar - EngageBay calendar allows you to monitor EngageBay appointments and events. It also allows you to synchronize your Google calendar and office 365 calendar and see all your appointments and events in one place.

6. Appointments - EngageBay appointment scheduler system allows you to create an appointments scheduling page that you can share with your clients/customer to set up an appointment with you. You can configure the appearance of the page and set up the slot duration as well as your working days. Your client will only be able to schedule an appointment with you based on the timeslot duration you made available and only during the days that you define as your working days based on the timezone that you choose.

7, Mail - EngageBay mail allows you to deal with day to day emails. It is a cloud-based email client where you can send and receive emails.


EngageBay Sales platform got many more features. But, the function of some like contacts, sequences, and workflow is the same as its marketing platform counterpart.