How does EngageBay Multiple Domain support works?

EngageBay is a system you can use to support multiple websites. If you have a client you can even support their websites using your own EngageBay system. There are several factors that you can consider when talking about multiple domain support.

1. You can use Inline forms and pop-up forms you made from your EngageBay and associate them to websites. So it is like you can create Inline form 1 and associate it to website 1 and inline form 2 and associate them to website 2 and so on. Same goes with pop-up form. You simply have to associate the corresponding Embed code and API code.

Figure 1-A. Embed code

Figure 1-B. API code

2. EngageBay landing pages can be associated with different domains too. Example; you can create Landing page 1 and associate it with website 1 and even create a CNAME associated with website 1. Then you can have Landing page 2 and associate it with website 2 and so on. this can be done due to the fact that each landing page acts independently and a tracking code or API code of other website or tools can be associated individually to each landing page. If you check the settings of each landing page. There is a location where you can associate scripts individually and CNAMe can be associated individually too.

Figure 2-A. Tracking code and other scripts integration section.

Figure 2-B. CNAME setup for each landing page