EngageBay Marketing Platform Features:

1. Contacts - The section where your contacts can be stored and managed. It enables you to easily sort contacts and view them base on specific condition as needed. If you go to "contact details", it will even allow you to see more data and activities related to the contact. Like emails SMS, calls and other relevant data about the contact(s).

2. Lists - A feature that allows you to segment or group a set of contacts based on a specific condition relevant to your marketing strategy. Like you group them based on the Campaign form source or maybe base on location and so on.

3. Forms - EngageBay feature that is used to capture leads through user signups. There are 2 main types of form in EngageBay.

a. Inline Form - this is a form that you can embed on a page of a site and it will appear as part of the website.

b. Pop-up Form - this is a form that will pop-up on top of a site based on the condition set that will trigger it to pop. Example it is set to pop-up 10 seconds after you got into the site.

4. Landing Pages - EngageBay also allows you to create landing pages for your campaigns. This can easily be done with the use of its landing page builder. It also allows you to import HTML based sites in case you have preferred pages coming from external sources.

5. Templates - The template builder of EngageBay allows you to beautifully design HTML based templates which you can use for your email campaign. Aside from that it also has a video template where you can record videos for your campaign or make use of Youtube or Vimeo contents.

6. Email Broadcast - Email marketing feature that allows you to send broadcasts email(s) to all your contacts or a set of contacts relating to a certain campaign.

7. Email Sequences - Allows you to send a series of email to continuously engage users and nurture leads.

8. Automation - An important EngageBay function that allows you to automate your marketing business model. This can connect features within the EngageBay platform to automatically function triggered by a certain event. Like when someone signs up in a form and you connect a series of actions to engage and nurture lead based on how they react to the engagement done.

9. WorkFlow - This is a series of automatically connecting action that has the same action blocks as automation. The main difference is the fact that it is not an event triggered but manually triggered.

10. Social Suite - EngageBay social suite allows you to connect your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account so that you can monitor your account activities and engage users in one platform.

11. Push Notification - Enables you to directly send messages to users irrespective of the website they are on as long as they allow notifications from EngageBay.