Integrating EngageBay with Gravity Forms

Engagebay is an all-in-one system but we know that there are other tools that prove useful to many businesses that one cannot easily do away with. Gravity Forms is one of the advanced form systems that many businesses use to capture leads. Recognizing its significance, EngageBay made an integration software via a WordPress plugin. Gravity Form is a WordPress powered system, that is why creating a plugin in WordPress is the most direct way we can integrate with its system.

Just follow the steps below to make EngageBay and Gravity Form, work together.

1. Considering you already have Gravity Form plugin installed, just make sure to install the "EngageBay Gravity Forms" plugin. You can simply add new plugin then search EngageBay and you will see the plugins we have and choose the right one. Go ahead and install and activate it.

2. Secure your Rest API key from EngageBay. You have to log in to your EngageBay account then go to account avatar>>account settings>> then go to API & Tracking code on the left>>then copy your Rest API key.

3. Install Rest API key on the main settings of your Gravity Forms. Click on "Forms" >>Settings>> then choose EngageBay under settings>> then paste your Rest API key and click on "Update Settings".

4. Create the form that you need using Gravity Forms.

5. Integrate the form you created to EngageBay by going to the form "Settings">> then into EngageBay>>connect the fields of Gravity for and EngageBay by matching them to each other. It will be good to set up a Tag on the bottom as an identifier of the contacts coming from this source. Tag is also useful if you will need to associate the contacts coming from Gravity Form to EngageBay automation. Please make sure the Tag you are setting here is just one word. Once fields are matched and Tag is set then press save below.

Once you got everything set as instructed above, anyone that will register to your Gravity Form will now be registered as a new contact in EngageBay.