Engagebay Dashboard is the first page that loads when you log in to your Engagebay account. It is the best place to view the overall performance of your Marketing campaign when properly set up.

By default, all of the reports of your different marketing systems are displayed.


You can delete a report block by hovering on the top bar of the block you want to remove then click on the "delete" option on the right side.


You can move a report block by pressing an holding on the "top bar" and dragging it to the area where you want to put it.


You can add a missing report by clicking on "add report" option on the upper right then put a check mark on the checkbox then click "add" button below.


You can resize the width of the report block by hovering your mouse to the lower right corner of the report block then pressing and holding then dragging the width to the size you desire.


You can change the date being monitored and the frequency by clicking edit. It will then pull out a pane on the right where you can set it up.


You can change the name of the Report block by clicking on the edit option on the top bar of the report block. Once the settings pane shows up just change the name and git submit button and it will be changed.