Email marketing is the act of sending a message to a group of people through email. This is an important part of online marketing and is a powerful tool as well. 

In this article, we will be showing you how to create Email Broadcasts on Engage Bay.

1. On your dashboard hover your mouse over "Campaigns" tab then click on "Email Broadcasts".


2. To start, click on the 'Create Broadcast' button on the upper right.

3. Name your broadcast.

3. Set the "subject line" of the email,  set the "From Email(email that will show as to what email address this message is from)" and "name(name of the person/company sending the email)"

4. You can send the broadcast to "All Contacts" or set up a Contact Filter if necessary by choosing "Select filter". Contact Filter is used in-case, you do not want to send a broadcast to a group of contacts or subscribers. You also need to choose if you will use a template or just plain text. Hit the 'Next Step' button once done.

4-a. If you choose to proceed with plain text this is how it will be. Write your Email Subject and the body or message. You have an option to format your email message for it to look appealing to the readers. Click on 'Next Step' once you are done.

4-b. If you proceed by selecting "choose a template". You will be given an option to choose among "pre-designed templates", "saved templates(template you designed previously and saved)", or you can also make a custom template.

You can then edit the text content of the template by clicking on the item you want to edit and manually changing them. If you want to adjust settings of each section, then you can click on the "gear icon" located on the upper right of each section. The "detail editor pane" will pull out on the left side. Once you are done updating the template then click "save" and it will take you to the next screen.


5. The next screen will show you a preview of the email. Once you checked all the details are good then you can click on "Proceed to Send/Schedule" button.

6. It will take you to the final window in creating an "Email Broadcast". On this screen, you can choose to send it immediately or schedule a time, date and even choose what time zone.