EngageBay Static List and Smart List Difference.

Engagebay Smart list automatically gets updated when there is a new contact that satisfies the condition set on the Smart list. Example, you made a list with a condition that it will put everyone who signs up for "Form 1"  in "List A". Therefore putting all the contact you currently have to "List A" that came from "Form 1". If someone else signs up using "Form 1" after the creation of "List A", that user will still be automatically included to "List A" since it is a Smart List. However, if another list is created - "List B" with exactly the same condition but now as a "Static List" then it will only get all the Contacts available at the time of creation to "List B". Anyone who signs up after that even if they sign up using "Form 1" will no longer be included to "List B" since it is static. Anyhow, there are 3 ways you can include a contact to a static list.

1. By going into that contact's "Contact Details" and adding it to a static list".

2. By selecting the contact and adding it to a static list via "Bulk Action".

3. Adding a contact using "automation".

4. Adding a contact or a group of contacts by setting up a "Workflow" and executing that workflow to a contact or a group of contacts.