Adding elements to landing pages is as easy as dragging and dropping each element to the canvass. You could also easily customize each of the elements you added.

 1. You can edit the text content by simply clicking on the text you want to edit and it will provide a 'rich text editor'.


2. If you want to edit elements of a section like spacing, background image and other elements that deal with the look and feel, you can click on the gear icon to pull up 'Detail Editor' pane. Once done with the setup, just press 'apply changes' below.


3. If you know how to code using HTML and CSS then you can click on the "open-close tag icon" to open the text/code editor. This editing method requires coding knowledge and will allow you to change content and content settings with respect to HTML/CSS syntax. This means you can edit the section in an advanced way, that even options not available to the pre-defined editor may be applied as long as HTML/CSS syntax and the Engagebay systems allow.

4. You can change the position of each section by moving them up or down by pressing and holding the "triple parallel bar icon" and dragging the section to the position where you want it.


5. You can add a section by clicking on the "plus icon" then choosing among the pre-designed sections.

6. Once you are done with all the changes, just press "Save" on the upper right side of the screen to get all changes applied on the Landing page.