EngageBay Landing Page CNAME set up

White labeling a landing page is a necessity in many cases. That includes the URL od the landing page you created. By default the landing page URL of an EngageBay landing page is http/https://(yourdomain).engagebay.com/landingpage/)name of landing page you made) which may not be good if you are trying to get users to focus on your brand. The need is recognized by EngageBay and provides an option for you to white-label the URL of your landing page with the use of CNAME.

1. You have to make a URL of your choice but you have to follow the standard CNAME formatting. The format is


- HTTPS if you have SSL setup and HTTP if you don't.

- Subdomain is a variable that you can make up

- yourdomain.com is just your website

Let us say your domain is yourdomain.com and you want to promote a product named newproduct. and your website got SSL. You can then set up a CNAME of "https://newproduct.yourdomain.com

2. Now that you have made a CNAME with the proper format you need to add CNAME first in your CPANEL.

Note: This part really varies depending on who your website host is. If you cannot follow the steps provided here because some options are missing, please contact your website host and ask on how you can add a CNAME for your website. We will be showing you how it is done in CPANEL.

a. login to your CPANEL.

b. scroll down to DOMAINS and click on "Zone Editor"

c. click on add a CNAME option"+CNAME".

d. Enter Name which is the subdomain of your choice and CNAME which is a constant for EngageBay which is "pages.engagebay.com" then hit the button "Add a CNAME Record". You are now done in configuring the CNAME in your CPANEL and may close your CPANEL page.


3. You need to go back to your Landing page now and set up the CNAME you created there. Edit your landing page>>go to settings tab>>go to CNAMe option on the left>> Enter your CNAME on the CNAME area>> to be sure there is no conflict please hit verify CNAME>> if it verified it goo then hit save on the upper right side.


You have now successfully white-labeled the URL of your Landing page with the use of CNAME.