While inline forms are embedded on a website page and would look like a part of it, popup forms would Popup when a user is browsing on your site.

This article would guide you in creating popup forms.

1. On your dashboard, hover your mouse over "Forms" tab, then click on 'Popup Forms'.

2. Click on 'Create Popup Form' button.

3. Name your form and choose what form type and position it would show up through the Style tab

4. The 'Call to Action' tab would allow you to either disable or enabled call to action. You would also have an option to change the text on the form itself.

5. The 'Themes' tab would allow you to choose from available themes for your form. 

6. The "Look & Feel" sub-tab under 'Design' tab allows you to make changes to the form design.

7. The 'Fields' sub-tab under "Design" tab would allow you to modify existing fields or add new ones.

8. The 'Thank You' options under "Settings" tab allows you to set a redirect URL for a thank you page or use a small popup window as a thank you for each subscriber.

9. The 'Main Settings' sub-tab under "Settings" tab allows you to set a 'Conditions' and 'Display Options' as well.

10. You could also enable and set up double opt-in Email.

11. Once the form has been saved, an embed code would be provided for you to add the page of your site, where you want the pop-up form to appear.

Note: This code is exactly the same as the script that you need to install on each page of your site when initially setting up Engagebay with your site. If you have installed that script on all pages, then it's not even needed to install this to the page where you want the pop-up to show. As long as the pop-up is setup correctly in the Engagebay platform, then the defined conditions will automatically work on the page where you expect to see the pop-up.