A landing page is a page where a user lands on upon clicking an ad or a link on an email.

The main purpose of a landing page is to capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future.

This article would show you how to create a landing page through Engage Bay.

1.On your dashboard click on 'Landing Pages' at the top menu.


2.On the next window, click on 'Create Landing Page' button.

3. Choose from the available landing page templates, create a custom one or even manually code your own. We will proceed by choosing a pre-made template.  

4. To move an element, hover your mouse to the upper left corner of each element.

5. To make changes to the element through the source code, just click on the <> icon.

6. To access the 'Detail Editor' click on the gear icon.

7. The 'Detail Editor' would allow you to make changes to the element style, background image, and animation.

8. To add an element, click on the plus (+) icon.

9. Then choose from the available elements that you could easily drag and drop to your page editor.

10. Once you are good with the elements on your page, click on the 'Save' button and you should be able to name it.

11. The 'Settings' tab would allow you to set which contact list the subscribers to this page will be added to. You also have an option to set the page meta title, description, and keywords.

12. Form Settings would allow you to set a success message upon successful subscription or a redirect URL.

13. You could also enable double opt-in.

14. You could also set a custom URL for your landing pages.