A Deal can be monitored using Engagebay can even show the progress in detail base on the "Deal Tracks" and the notes made on each milestone.

This article is a guide in creating a "Deal" in Engagebay.

Note: Make sure a properly setup "Deal Track" is already available before attempting to create a Deal. If not you have to create one. Just follow the steps on how to Create a Deal Track.

1. Make sure that you are on the "Sales" platform. You can do that on your dashboard by selecting Sales on the options available on the upper left side of your screen near the "engagebay logo".


2. Once you are on the sales platform click on "Deals" option on the top menu.

3. On the "Deals" page, make sure you choose the "Deals Track" you want to use as illustrated below. I am choosing "Standard" because that is the name of the "Deals Track"  I have created.


4. Once you have selected the applicable "Deals Track", you can now click on "Create New" to create the deal. Just fill out all the required fields then press save below.


5. You will now see the "Deal" you have created on the milestone column where it belongs.