It is an important part of sales to keep track of a deal and keep a record of it. Especially the notes that show the procedure done to make the deal a successful one. Engagebay allows you to create a deal record for you to properly track the progress of a deal. The progress can be tracked in detail based on the "Deal Tracks" which you defined

This article serves as a guide in the creation of a Deal Tracks in Engagebay.

Before you can create a "Deal" you need to make sure that there are existing "Deal tracks". If there is none, please create one by following the steps below.

1. Click on your account image on the upper right side of the screen then click "Admin Settings".


2. On "Admin Settings" page, please click on "Deals Tracks" option on the left side of the screen.

3. Click on "Create Track". then set up all the necessary info like the track name, milestone name, the probability weight,  and header color, then press save below.

 4. You can then see the "Deal Track" you have created listed.