EngageBay Contact creation

There are 3 ways to add a contact in the EngageBay platform:

1. Manually adding of contact. Whether be it done individually by creating a contact or by bulk via .csv file importation

2. When a user joins a form. whether it be an inline form, a pop-up form, a form that is part of a landing page or the form you fill out when you set an appointment.

3. When a user sends an email to a support group using an email that is not part of the contacts yet.

Let us proceed to discuss how you can create a contact in EngageBay.

1. You need to login to your engageBay account. Go to Contacts tab and choose "contacts".


2. Click on "Create New" then fill out the "New Contact" modal. You really need to enter first name and email since those are the required info. You can fill out the rest of the details as needed and you can even add custom field necessary for you.


3. Once you are done filling out all the info needed - just hit submit on the bottom of the modal and a new contact will be created.