Appointments Preferences in Engagebay allows you to define a couple of key elements in the appointments system. It allows you to define your working days and hours, the fields available in the form for appointment setting and the message on the appointments page.

Configuring Appointments Preferences:

1. On your sales platform, click on "Appointments" on the top menu.

2. Click "Preferences" option on the left side.

3. On the "Preferences" page we will be able to configure "Business Hours" first. Here you can configure what your working hours are and what days you want to make available for appointment as well.

4. The next thing you can configure is the "Form Settings". On the online page where you can set up an appointment. There is a form asking for user information. You cannot remove the first name, last name and email but you can add any custom field you created via preferences "Form Settings".

5. Finally, you can also configure other relevant details under "Other Settings". Once you are done with all the settings you need set, please press "save" button on the upper right side of the screen.