Email Set-up in EngageBay

EngageBay understands that day to day email management is an integral part of running a business, and it is as relevant as email campaigns and other marketing and sales features.

EngageBay Sales platform allows you to configure your email so that you can don't need to leave the platform when reading and replying to everyday emails. It even allows you to integrate multiple email accounts so that you can easily toggle from one email account to another and efficiently manage these email accounts.

Just follow the steps below to get your email set-up.

1. Click on account avatar on the upper right>>go to preferences>>then into "Email Accounts".

2. Click on "Add Account".

3. It will give you the option to choose to configure using Oauth or with the use of email credentials.

4. If you are using a "Google Account", simply choose Oauth. Just make sure you are login to the account you are configuring to the same browser. It will simply make you choose the account you want to set-up then you authenticate it by allowing.

5. If you are using your own SMTP or IMAP server, please contact your provider and get all needed credential and just input them. The system will allow you to set up Office 365, Outlook and Other.

6. Once the set-up is done, you can access your email via Sales platform>>Mail.

If you have multiple accounts set up. You can click on the upper right and just choose the account you need to toggle to it.