Manually adding a list to an email sequence in EngageBay

Creating new strategies in engaging contact is normal in digital marketing. More often than not they involve two essential features. A "contact list" specially segmented based on conditions favorable to a certain campaign, and an "email sequence" to send a series of specially crafted email to push leads into becoming a conversion. We will now illustrate how you can add an existing list to an email sequence.

1. Make sure you are done creating the "List" and the email sequence in the EngageBay.

2. Go to your list by clicking on the "Contacts" menu on to then choosing the list option.

3. Click on the list you want to add to open it.

4. select all contacts by clicking the top checkbox on the left side.

5. Click bulk action then choose "add to Sequence".

Note: the process you are doing here is adding all contacts in a list to a sequence. If the list gets updated manually or automatically(for a smart list), you can either manually add the new contact(s) to a sequence or create automation to do the trick. This is simply illustrated to show the quickest way to get an existing list connected to a Sequence and kickstart a campaign.