Engagebay allows you to add some details of the company you are transacting with. This makes it easy to monitor transactions you are having with certain companies, especially if you are dealing with multiple companies as your client.

This article aims to provide you with a guide on how a company can be added. It also aims to show basics on how this specific feature work.

To add a company please follow the following steps:

1.  Please make sure you are in the Sales platform first. Go up to the upper left side then click on Marketing/Sales platform switch, and make sure you choose "Sales"



2. On the sales dashboard, please go to the top menu then hover your mouse over contacts and choose "Companies".


3. On the "Companies" page, click on "create new" and fill out all the required info like Company Domain and Name and some other details you like to fill out. Once everything is done then press "submit".


4. You will now see the company you added with its logo.


Note: the logo image is directly extracted from the company website. If in case the site did not set up a logo the image may appear blank.


You can also Manage individual Company and see the unique activities done for each.